Resources – Part 2

This is a continued list of disorder-specific information and resources.


Dyslexia is described as disorder that makes it difficult to read accurately and fluently.  It is also misunderstood as a visual issue, but it defined as an issue with decoding words, rather than seeing them differently.

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Executive Functioning breaks Executive Functions into three skills:
– Working memory
– Mental flexibility
– Self-control
These skills are developed in childhood through relationships with adults and environmental conditions. Early influences can disrupt the development of executive function.

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Language Processing Disorder

The two types of language disorders are expressive and receptive. These may often be misunderstood as ADHD or autism. Symptoms are often hard to detect and require a specialist for treatment through speech therapy.

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Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

The NVLD Project describes people with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities as having a “range of conditions but specifically have difficulty with social skills and spatial concepts.”

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Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit

VP/VMD stems from when the eyes are unable to perform basic functional motor movements.  This effects the way the brain processes what the eyes see.

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